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Campervan Hire Zurich

A self-drive campervan hire road trip is an excellent way to reach your most favoured tourist destinations in Switzerland. You can avoid the hassle of booking into different hotels every time you move to a new destination. You can even have your accommodations and transport all conveniently packed into one cozy RV.
If you are starting your exciting adventure from Zurich now, check out our offers on campervans and motorhome. We offer low prices and great specials on a broad collection of campervans and motorhomes that you can choose from now.

'Zu Reich

Home to the world's fourth-biggest stock exchange, Zurich remains to be Switzerland's financial engine. Trendy and vibrant, this chic European city has continue to enjoy a chunk of the tourist market in Switzerland. This city is easy to navigate, very laid back despite its financial capital reputation, fashion conscious and very much enjoys the finer things in life.
Expect to have a grand time here as there is so much to see and take part in, if it’s your first time, here are some suggestions:

  • Museum and Galleries - Kunsthaus houses a rich and large gallery of  fine masterpieces from the middle ages to renowned masters Alberto Giacometti’s stick-figures, Monet and Van Gogh paintings, Rodin sculptures and other 19th- and 20th-century art.
  • Paid Sightseeing Tours - You can participate in a number of sightseeing tours all offering different breathtaking views and presentation of Zurich and nearby sites.
  • Restaurants and Cafes - Zurich is no stranger to the finer things in life, including food. You can eat to your heart’s delight in a number of restaurants and cafes all catering a different menu, from mediterranean to European cuisine and even everything in between. You’ll definitely have a grand time here

Zurich is always a great place to start your European campervan hire adventure. Motorways and A type roads abound. You can easily transfer to a new location or  the Zurich Airport with little effort. You can also start a long but exciting drive towards another European country like France or Germany from Zurich. When you hire a campervan from Zurich, check to see if a one-way rental to another location is allowed, most companies do.(conditions apply)

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Author: "Helmhaus-Wasserkirche - Münsterbrücke - Wühre 2010-08-31 16-17-08 ShiftN" by Roland zh - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via  Wikimedia Commons

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