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Campervan Hire Vicenza

If you are hoping to land a superb deal on a campervan or motorhome hire from Vicenza, we offer extra low prices and great specials on a myriad of campervans and RVs for hire from Vicenza. Are you planning to stage an exciting campervan trip in Italy today? Check out the unbelievable deals we have that will give you the liberty to explore Vicenza, Italy and other European destinations aboard your self drive campervan adventure today.

Unesco World Heritage Site

Few cities in the world have been given the accolade such as one accorded to the city of Vicenza. This Unesco World Heritage site has every right of earning that distinction though.  It’s famous architect, Andrea Palladio, singlehandedly transformed what was once a boring landscape into what it is now, structures that married sophistication with simple rustic appeal quite successfully.

If you are visiting Vicenza for the first time, it might be a daunting task picking out a favourite spot as every corner is worth taking a souvenir photo of.

Here are some suggested places of interest:

  • Teatro Olimpico - Palladio started this renaissance marvel in 1580 after being inspired by Roman amphitheaters. Unfortunately, he died before the completion, leaving Vincenzo Scamozzi to finish the task.
  • Julien  - this is where Vicenza’s hipster gather to be noticed and seen, mainly serving  Italian cuisine, it also carries fusion delights. One interesting fact about this restaurant is that although the food is delectable, you want to go here because you want to spend the evening checking out the aperitivo.
  • Villa Valmarana ai Nani - one of the many well known and elegant villas that outlines the city and was designed by Andrea Palladio, Villa Valmarana ai Nani(of the dwarves) has decorative statues of those mythical creatures.

Vicenza is a good base for touring the area (Veneto), from Lake Garda to Treviso to Venice  - which is quite easy if you have a campervan hire from the city.  There are A type roads and motorways that weave in and out of the city, which makes driving to your next Italian locations like Genoa or Florence quite easy. You can even head towards any neighbouring European countries after that.

When you hire a campervan or motorhome from Vicenza, it’s prudent to check if a one-way rental to other locations is allowed by your company as most companies in that area do.(conditions apply) Use the FREE search form above to find out if your destinations are available.

Image Author: “Teatro-Olimpico” by  bwgtheatre -Flickr.Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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