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Campervan Hire Regensburg

Are you planning to hire a campervan or motorhome from Regensburg? We offer low prices and great deals on a large selection of campervans and RVs for hire from Regensburg.  If you are starting a road trip from Regensburg aboard a self-drive campervan tour, check out our superb deals that will allow you to discover the hypnotic city of Regensburg, Germany and probably even other European countries at your own leisurely pace.

What to Do in Regensburg?

Regensburg is a favourite vacationer’s location as well as a popular student city, which is romantically located at the heels of the majestic river Danube. Visitors will appreciate its cozy setting - the traffic-reassuring old aspect of the city along with a large number of cafès and dining places encourage you to take a leisurely walk through its pretty little alleys to experience that romantic ambiance.

You will also pass by a number of towers, all belonging to an earlier period when the city was home to the richest metropolises of European countries. The most grandiose of these towers is the Golden Towers, which rises up to height of 50 metres with nine floors.

Now, imagine crossing a stone bridge that was built during the medieval times,sounds interesting right? Luckily, in Regensburg you’d that chance when you cross the "Steinerne Brücke" on foot. This 300 metre stone bridge is another of Regensburg many amazing landmarks and is also regarded as a medieval building marvel. It is the oldest still functioning stone bridge in all of Germany too.

To Regensburg and Beyond

Regensburg is a fine place to start your campervan tour that can lead you to other destinations in Germany like Mulheim or Mannheim. If you have enough fuel, you can even drive your way towards any neighbouring European countries. Most companies allow a one-way rental to other destinations when you hire a campervan from Regensburg, please check if conditions apply.

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