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Campervan Hire Mulheim

Are you traveling from Mulheim and is planning to book a campervan hire today? We offer a lot of exciting promos on various models of campervans and motorhome hire from Mulheim. If you are preparing for a thrilling self-drive campervan hire vacation getaway in Germany now, check out the unbelievable deals we have on campervans and RVs geared on providing a cozy, stylish, convenient and fulfilling ride for you.

Discover the best of Mulheim, Germany and even other destinations in Europe now aboard a spectacular campervan hire adventure.

The City on the River

Mulheim is located in the Ruhr Area between Duisburg, Essen, Oberhausen, Oberhausen and Ratingen. It is home to many food companies such as the Aldi Süd Company, the Harke Group and the Tengelmann Group.

Mulheim is a jolly little place with winding paths exclusively fashioned for walking, cycling and camping along the banks of the Ruhr. Now, imagine yourself traversing these picturesque and winding paths with the cool breeze kissing your cheeks and blowing through your hair, refreshing right? Or maybe, you’re out camping near the bank with your loved ones, enjoying some peaceful and quiet time, isn’t that just lovely?

If you’re wondering what else to do while in Mulheim, here are some suggestions:

  • Camera Obscura Museum zur Vorgeschichte des Films - this museum houses an eclectic collection of 3D memorabilia from the 18th & 19th century. There’s also a fanciful working Camera Obscura with a 360 degree view of the city. You can use the stairway to view the city lights during night time or just use the lift.
  • Rhein-Ruhr-Zentrum -  You can do your shopping here and don’t forget to visit the market during Sundays to avail of discounts and specials.
  • Aquarius Wassermuseum - This structure is over 100 years old and a must-see tourist attraction. Visitors are intrigue about its design. A visit here will definitely shed a light on the matter.

Because of it’s convenient location, starting your self-drive campervan adventure from Mulheim is a great idea! With plenty of interconnecting roads and motorways, easy access to other destinations in Germany like Munich, Mannheim or Malsch is quick and easy. If you still have ample time, you can even drive your way towards any of these neighbouring countries: France, Belgium or Austria. When you hire a campervan from Mulheim, please check if the company allows a one-way travel to other destinations. Most companies do.(conditions apply)

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